Navigating Independence With Confidence

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At Professional Wealth Advisors, LLC, we are committed to building a team of established partners to make independence less stressful and more gratifying.


Our partnership provides wealth advisors the confidence to better manage their clients, time, and expenses than they could on their own.


PWA Partners receive endless support in navigating the challenging regulatory pressures, technology, and infrastructure that is necessary to provide high-quality service to the clients and families they serve.


Our Services

The transition to independence may seem overwhelming, but PWA Partners rest assured that they have the support from our experienced principals and the collaboration of our entire team. From guiding you through on-boarding, offering technology options to better serve your clients, and more, we’ve got your back.

Transition Services

​Transition Services

  • Onboarding and Transition Services

  • Errors & Omissions Insurance

  • SIPC & Bonding Fees

  • State Licensing Fees

Supported Independence

Supported Independence

  • Furnished Class A Office Space

  • Computer & Phone

  • Office Equipment (Copier, Printer, Scanner, etc.)

  • Compliance Support

  • Stipend for Administrative Staff

  • Strong Support Staff, Including Administrative Assistants, Insurance Specialist, CPA, & Marketing Coordinator

  • Financial Planning

  • Technology Support

  • Support With Client Events, Workshops, & Seminars

  • LPL Clientworks Subscription, with Client Reporting

  • LPL Tech fees and Ongoing Technical Support

  • Practice Management Coaching

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

What other firms tell us about why they have partnered with PWA:

  • Successions are customized to their wishes and we make it as easy as possible on them. We work to get the best terms available for the deal structure.

  • Confidence that a team ensemble exists, not just a solo practitioner, that will truly care for their clients as much as they do.

  • We understand that their support team is their family and that the clients depend on the entire team.

  • Our principals have over 50 years of combined experience, but are young enough to continue to shepherd clients for the next 25+ years.

  • We look to have real partners in transition (we are not just looking to add AUM and cash flow), and we are accountable to them throughout the process.

  • We have the strength and support of one of the largest independent firms in the country, LPL Financial.


PWA DIfference

When you choose to partner with Professional Wealth Advisors, LLC, you join a movement of passionate advisors who are determined to improve the client experience, while enjoying the freedom to practice business as they've always imagined.

 Your passion is our passion.


 Our program structures were designed to not only share infrastructure and costs, but valuable resources across a network of successful advisors to enable you to invest more time into what matters most - your clients.


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